Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick note...

Guten tag familien. (Steven, feel free to correct my absent article there). Forgive a possible error laden post due to the fact I am using a german keyboard which confuses me to no end. Also forgive lack of details in that I have only paid for an hour and I think it is more than halfway up. As I type this, mom should be flying back to the states, sarah and kirsti should be home with my car completely unscathed from their adventures, steven and tamara should be back from AZ, and others should be doing other things that i don't know about because i have been incommunicado for almost 3 weeks.

I just want you all to know that it has been a great month, both at home and here abroad, and I am already anticipating my deep depression that will commence in approximately 48 hours at not being home with ya'll but rather in Kuwait and then Tikrit. So, to circumvent that a bit, I have already bought two accessories for my upcoming Greece trip (end of May, methinks), and plan to rewatch Gilmore Girls upon my landing at Speicher. If anyone can get me out of a funk, or at least help me ride it out, its Lauren Graham.

Had a great time with mom, though after the 1,000th picture I have declared my intent to vacation with Dad next as long as he promises not to join the 21st century and get a digital camera. Just kidding mom...but seriously, she took a lot of pix, ya'll. Austria was amazing and weather was great, except in all the blasted catholic churches, or as I was corrected in the last one I went into, cathedrals. Well, excuse me, miss catholic tour overseer. Seriously, those these churches are stunningly beautiful, I think I can go a while without seeing another one for at least 6 months.

I will detail it a bit more, but after two weeks here, London was my favorite city to visit. Now before you all judge me and assume it is because they speak english there, that has very little to do with it. I mean, Kyle and I didn't learn ANY dutch knowing that everyone in Amsterdam spoke English, so the language is not the deciding factor. It is just so cool. Great vibe, so many different areas, easily navigatable transportation that did not smell like urine and was not covered in trash, tons to do, all of it. I have loved everywhere I have been and if I'm lucky, will get to return multiple times in my life, but London is at the top of my list. I could live there, high cost of living be danged.

It is drizzly and cold here, so my umbrella has finally gotten some use. Isn't that crazy? No rain to deal with until my second to last day here. The gods were smiling on me. I think I'm off to a tour of Dachau, so I'll end it here. That is, if I don't cave and go to my hotel room for some warm socks. I'm hoping I'm tough enough.

More to come...