Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Oh, how I have missed this unobstructed internet. It has been a long couple of months without my laptop, and I've felt every minute of it. As all of you know, my precious baby, my laptop, decided to go crazy and not work whilst in Greece. I think my life was too perfect at that moment, and there had to be opposition in that, so hence the laptop not working. No biggie, I thought. I have an I-Touch and it can pick of wireless, so though it would be tedious to type a whole blog entry on a phone sized gadget, it would still be internet. Well, our wireless in Iraq is so wonky it didn't work. So I was left with work internet, which blocks twitter, blogging, and I'm sure other stuff (but I really only care about twitter and blogging, so I wouldn't know). I found a way around the twitter obstacle (thank you, AOL), and every now and then I could do a random enough search on google that I could view your blogs, but not very well. For instance, pictures on Em's blog NEVER upload on my work computer, so I was clearly missing a big chunk of meat in that pie. Yeah, i like meat-pies; deal. And I definitely couldn't blog myself, and I have a lot of things to say. All the time.

SO, without further ado, I will do my favorite blog activity and that is to list free thoughts of mine:

-Reason I have unobstructed internet is because I'm in KUWAIT!!! Hello, tent city. Nice to see ya. Love paying 5$ an hour for internet (actually, I really don't mind b/c I've missed it so much and the air conditioning is good in here).

-You all are lucky I didn't have the ability to blog b/c for the past three weeks it would have been a rotation on 1) I hate my job and I hate training, 2) I can't WAIT to come home and eat some Jack in the Box, and 3) Why are all middle-aged people so darned annoying and dull?

-The flight from Iraq to Kuwait was AMAZING. From previous posts, you all can deduce that flying out of Iraq via their military planes is horrific and I would rather suffer through the Spanish Inquisition than get on that plane willingly. So when I went to the ADAC last night, I was fully prepared to be so miserable, I would be sobbing later into my pillow (that is only a slight exaggeration). BUT, for some reason, I lucked out and the flight that was leaving was nicknamed a Moose, which stands for a bigger, awesomer plane. Seriously, ya'll, soooooo much different than the craptastic C130's I was stuck on. This one was like if you married a military plane and a commercial plane and they had a baby. I love their baby. It was well air-conditioned, comfy seating, no overwhelming smells of jet-fuel, and incredibly smooth. I slept through most of it, happier than a clam. Didn't get settled into Kuwait until 3:30 a.m., but so worth it. My spirits are high and my coming home soon doesn't even play into it right now.

-I weirdly felt a bit sad to be leaving last night. I spent most my afternoon convinced it was a fool's errand to try and work my way onto this flight, so I skulked out of there not making an effort to say goodbye to a few people. To be fair, I HATE goodbyes more than almost anything. I will do a lot of things to avoid them. I just didn't think I would succeed so well. I wouldn't go back and change things, I'm just a bit sad. I'll write them a note I think. Who doesn't like mail? Really, though he got on my last nerve for the past 4 months, I will miss Dave. And though Jackie, my replacement, found nerves to annoy that Dave managed to miss, I will miss her too b/c she is very supportive. And I will miss seeing the fireworks when Dave and Jackie butt heads for the first time, which I anticipate will be in the first hour. It's going to be crazy.

-I do NOT feel the least bit sad about leaving the work. It was getting ridiculous and even more bureaucratic than normal. And chaotic. And still boring.

-I used to hate Combo's, but then tried the salsa/tortilla combo and it is fantastic. Addictive even.

-I have so much to do when I return, but in my opinion, most of it is fun stuff. I need furniture, a new bed, all sorts of things that I threw away when I packed up my stuff last year b/c I didn't want to deal with it. In hindsight, my laziness will very likely cost me some money.

-Was contemplating going into Kuwait City and staying there for a couple of days before my flight leaves, but since I just left my steady income, I don't know if I want to drop money on the hotel.

-Been watching Simpsons episodes. Classic. I missed this show and didn't even realize it.

-Have I mentioned how insanely excited I am to come home? Seriously, so excited. I may tackle Elise at the airport in my joy. Though I will have been traveling for hours and hours, so Elise, if i don't tackle you physically, know that I am doing it in my head.

My hour is just about up, so I'll leave you here while I brave the Kuwait heat. I almost miss humidity when I'm out there. Almost, but not quite.


(oh, and spellcheck isn't working, so don't hate on my bad spelling abilities)