Friday, November 6, 2009

Lacking Motivation

Here is a little teaser pic of Greece for my next post...I just don't have it in me to get one together right now. What you see there is beautiful Oia on the island of Santorini. Just looking at that pic has my mouth watering for feta cheese.

Apparently, my writing juices only run while in Iraq. Why is that? Could it be related to the high hours of boredom and the disconnect from the world? That seems too simple an answer, but it is probably right. I honestly can't say I've been too busy to post. Or that I have nothing important to say, b/c honestly, EVERYTHING I say is more important than anything anyone else has to say. So lets stick to that simple answer. Since leaving Iraq, it has been an odd combination of too much to do with too little to do but lots of t.v. to watch. Owning a tivo is both good and bad for the latter. I don't have to set my schedule to accomodate Top Chef or Flashfoward, but I do wake up to delightful late night comedy and tivo recommendations that include Seinfeld reruns, E True Hollywood Story, and cooking shows. And I don't think leaving my bed to immediately plant it in front of the t.v. is the best way to start off productive.

What else has been going on? Well, I'm entering into the last month of the first semester of grad school. It is going to be a stressful month. I have multiple term papers and short papers due right after Thanksgiving, so I'm trying to buckle down now and have rough drafts done by Thanksgiving and just edit like crazy that weekend. You'll all know how successful I am depending on the level of stress I exhude when you see me. And while I am extremely excited to be going to NYC the weekend before Thanksgiving, in hindsight, probably not the best time. But I won't let that keep me from having a great time. I'm hoping to go to the Museum of Modern Art and walk around the Klimt display talking boredly about how I've already seen all of them while traveling in Europe--because I firmly believe that the most important reason to go to Europe is to act better than others and let random mentions of your amazing time fall into everyday conversation. Steven and Tamara, you are on the cusp of being our most recent elitists.

Other things of note, Max got a haircut last weekend by Kyle's Wichita bessie and let me tell you, he looks ridiculous. I kind of love it. It is in the style of a classic poodle haircut, so parts of him are super fluffy and other parts are almost completely bald. Also, I have yet to assemble that futon Steven, Elise and Sarah helped me get...Steven, you completely intimidated me about assembling it, so I just haven't wanted to attempt such a feat yet. I hopefully will do it this weekend, but if I don't, it's on your head Lambson.
I have yet to get a job...I really just want something part-time that isn't too demanding when I am there and lets me have the occasional weekend off. Talking to my advisor this past week does not have me any more eager to hunt a job up. Basically, the next two years of my life are going to be immersed in stress. Neat. Remind me why I'm willingly doing this?
So, that's me in a "can't seem to write a blog for two months" nutshell. Sometime in the next two months: Greece recap.