Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Quick Check-In

Just a little update to let everyone know how I am doing...As you can see, Luna is doing just fine as long as she has the wind in her hair (she needs a haircut).

Since I last wrote, we have been visited by Kathy for 10 days and snuck in a 3 day trip to Maui.  While there, we did an activity called "The Road to Hana".  I will definitely be blogging about this soon, as it takes more than a couple of photo's and paragraphs to even begin to describe this journey, but here is the readers digest version.  The Road to Hana is a road that goes around one side of the island.  Sugar plantation workers used to have to use it to get to work.  It is a windy road that is frequently steep, with hairpin turns, skinny roads, and many, many one-way bridges.  I was terrified to go, but somehow, making sure I was the driver, I ensured that my fear was kept low and my motion sickness non-existent, b/c I could control the acceleration/braking which normally causes my illness.  It. Was. Amazing.  Below is a pick of us as one of the more popular spots, Wai'anapanapa State Park, where there is a black sand beach and lava rocks that create a really cool blowhole.  

Below here is the jeep we rented in Maui. It was the best way to travel, and we only encountered rain for a few minutes near the end.

After Kathy's visit, we took February off from mainlander visitors.  I got a job at the Honolulu Museum of Art Cafe, where Kyle works. They are only open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch, it is great money for the short time I am there, and I have made some great friends.  Their food, keeping up with Museum food tradition, is fantastic.  Whoever visits me, we will definitely be eating there.  

March brought a visit from a friend of ours to Kauai, another Hawaii island.  Charles was spending his whole week there, so Kyle and I island hopped again and spent three days there.  Just to give you a bit of visualization (b/c I haven't uploaded the photo's yet), that is the island where Jurassic Park was filmed.  It is called the Garden Isle, and contains the rainiest spot in the world.  I loved it.  It is small, no city there has more than 10,000 people, it contained my favorite beach where if I had to die via asteroid (ala Deep Impact), I would want to be there.  They had AMAZING fish taco's, and an adorable cafe called Art Cafe Hemingway, where I had the best croissant outside of France.  If I wanted to buy property on Hawaii, this island would be it.  We had a great visit, and then hopped back over to our dogs and life.

This month has been spent working, finding a mattress (thanks to all those who contributed to the fund!!!), slowly learning the ukulele (thanks Mom and Dad for the b-day gift), learning to poach eggs (I'm unreasonably proud of this one), and learning more of my island self.  I miss you all dearly, but I will be back in June for Juli's wedding and some quality family time.  I can't wait to see you all.  And heck, if I can strum out a singable song, I'll bring a little of Hawaii to you with the ukulele, and maybe some macadamia nut candies.  

In the meantime, before I dissuade you from visiting me b/c the other islands seem more appealing, below is a pic of Kailua beach, a drive across Oahu, and a beach I love the frequent.  So don't you worry; if you come see me, you will get daily reminders that there is paradise in the middle of the pacific. (Below is a real pic...not one I stole)