Monday, December 10, 2012

Random List of Things (Version 1)

I love to both read and write lists of random thoughts/things for a blog post, and it seemed time for my first one since living in Hawaii.  And here we go:

-This past week has been one of the hottest since moving here...largely b/c of the humidity that the VOG has brought over.  It makes me a little sad b/c our friend Jen has been here and has had the worst of Hawaii weather to contend with.  Mostly, it is breezy with little humidity and sunshine.  But she won't know that until she comes back for a second time.
-VOG refers to the volcanic ash that the kona winds stir up and send to the other islands.  It makes things look hazy, it messes with peoples sinuses/immune systems, and generally just craps things up.  I got a sinus infection from this vog, resulting in me not being able to talk at all on Thursday night, and to still have some congestion and froggy voice these past few days.  It is gone now, but its aftereffects linger.
-I think I have eaten more rice here in the past 3 months than I have my entire life.  This may be an exaggeration.  However, rice is a major part of our diet.  And it is plentiful.
-We got a car!  Finally, we have a car.  Jen's visit really pushed/prompted this, and after a stressful two day attempt to find a used car via Craigslist, Kyle got a great find with a 1992 Toyota Corolla.  We have only had it for Jen's visit, and we can't imagine how we lived without it.  We took her to the other side of the island to Kailua beach and driving around the southern tip was simply stunning to behold.  And now we can drive to the beach every day if we want, before or after work.  It will make life here sooo much better and I'm so glad we have it.  
-The poodles are fantastic.  They bring both Kyle and I so much happiness.  Max is still a cuddle bug and he just adores Kyle, and Luna is so funny and crazy, but has taken on some of Max's cuddling instincts.  My favorite thing to do is lay on the couch with both of them cuddled next to me, lying almost on top of each other.  We'll get a pic of these two adorable poodles sleeping together soon.  The dream is to own a third poodle, a gray or black one.  But that won't happen until we get another apartment.
-Christmas decorations took a while to get here, but now that they are, they are plentiful!  The downtown area around the palace is especially festive, with paper lanterns and an enormous statue of Santa Claus soaking his feet and rocking a chaka (a popular hand gesture here that is like a thumbs up).
-Gas is under $4!  And that finally means something to me now that I have a car!
-I will probably be working Christmas day, but hopefully will still have time to see Les Miserables (so excited) and go to the beach to celebrate Hawaii style!
-Finally had some pancakes with coconut syrup this week.  Emily had gushed to me about its deliciousness and she was not exaggerating.  They.  Were.  Amazing.  I only wish I had gotten the macadamia nut pancakes to add a delicious crunch to them.  
-I have not gotten to talk to some of you as much as I would like.  This is definitely a large part on me, as I could just as easily call you, but in case you do want to ring me up, my best days are Friday and Sunday, as I usually do not work these days (not always the case, but consistently the case).

Not as much randomness as I thought there would be, but just you wait, more lists to come.  Also, more pictures to come once I get a camera (hopefully later this month).  Until then, mele kalikimaka!!!


Peeser said...

So, since Sundays are typically free days for you, I may try calling you as I drive towards Indiana next Sunday, if that's okay. (After all, it will be a l-o-n-g drive, even from wherever I end up stopping in Ohio...)

Glad you finally have a car- I'm sure you've been fine without one, but I know how frustrating it often gets NOT having one. (And hooray for gas under $4! Of course, it'd be pretty sad if gas in HI is cheaper than in NY- right now, gas for us is around $3.60...)

I can't wait to see adorable pics of the adorable poodles!

Finally, while I'm sorry that it has had a negative affect on you and on your voice, I have to say I love the way the VOG sounds so much like a B-grade horror film title...

And a mele kalikimaka to you, too!

Steve said...

I'll take an order of those pancakes to go, please. Also, Bacon is starting to get the cuddling bug - neither Tamara nor I can sit on a couch and have him NOT jump on our laps to be rubbed and petted (unless he's occupied with a bone/new toy). It's really cute and nice, except when it's not (like when I'm already matted in dog hair or my petting hand is cramping up). I'ma make a note to call you Friday afternoon (your late morning) as I will be liberated from all school for a month as of Thursday afternoon.

Also, our gas here finally dipped below $3 - it's a comfortable $2.99.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Are you now 4 hours behind us or still 5?